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  1. questionLW2702 - Why can I not use my own pictures in Screen Saver mode?
    The system is not a digital picture frame. It is a surveillance system that can simulate a picture frame. The images used in Screen Saver mode are pre-loaded onto the system firmware, not the SD card. This allows the SD card to store more surveillance video and ensures you will always have image ...
  2. questionLW2702 - What does the flashing power-plug icon mean?
    A power failure occurred while the system was actively recording. When power is restored, the system will restart in Auto Sequence Mode + Motion Recording to ensure some form of recording is active on the system. System settings and modes may have been disrupted by the power failure. Please chec ...
  3. questionLW2702 - Can I connect analogue 2.4 GHz wireless cameras to the wireless receiver?
    No, analogue and digital wireless products are incompatible. Visit www.lorexcctv.com for a full list of cameras and accessories that are compatible with this system.
  4. questionLW2702 - Can I use 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz systems at the same time?
    Yes. 900 MHz devices and 2.4 GHz devices will not interfere with one another.
  5. questionLW2702 - Can digital wireless cameras be paired to more than one receiver?
    Digital Wireless cameras can only be paired to one receiver. This is to prevent interception by 3rd parties, and prevents any other device from picking up the signal – this also means that you cannot pair one camera to multiple receivers.
  6. questionLW2702 - What is pairing?
    This is a "synching up" process.  Pairing is an electronic handshake between digital wireless devices. Pairing allows the devices to communicate exclusively with each other. The transmission is encrypted and secure.
  7. questionLW2702 - What does 'line-of-sight' mean?
    Line-of-sight' means that there are no obstructions which may interfere with the transmission of the audio/video signal. Obstructions include items such as walls, buildings and certain electronic devices.
  8. questionLW2702 - Why does my “wireless camera” have a power cable?
    The term "wireless" refers to the lack of a video cable between the camera and the receiver. The camera still requires a power source.
  9. questionLW2702 - What is the maximum distance I can have between the camera and the receiver?
    Typically 450 feet (137 m) with a clear line of sight in open space, or approximately 150 feet (46 m) in a house. Walls, studs, furniture will interfere with the range of wireless transmission.