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Smartphone Controlled Wireless Alarm System

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  1. questioniSmartAlarm - Why am I receiving push notifications after the alarm is turned off?
    Push notification service is provided by Apple. There may be some delay in receiving the push notifications. Our phone alert (voice alert) service gives you a more timely warning when your alarm is set off.
  2. questioniSmartAlarm - Will iSmartAlarm™ charge additional fees for faulty or false alarm calls?
    Absolutely not. Making intelligent home security system affordable is our goal. iSmartAlarm™ would not charge additional fee for faulty alarm calls. However, faulty alarm calls could consume your monthly quota, which is 30 calls/month currently.
  3. questioniSmartAlarm - Why am I unable to save pictures?
    Make sure the iSmartAlarm™ App has permissions to access the photos stored in your smart phone.
  4. questioniSmartAlarm - How can I save the emergency picture taken by iCamera™ automatically when the alarm is set off?
    There is an email button located on the upper right corner of emergency picture page. The automatic emergency picture can still be sent to your Email address as an attachment. Currently, you cannot save this picture to your phone gallery automatically. You may take the screenshot of your emerge ...
  5. questioniSmartAlarm - How do I reset when the “Reset” prompt appears on the App?
    You will find a small hole in the back of iCamera™, labeled Reset. In the case of electrical interruption, and/or you receive the “Reset” prompt, insert a paper clip in the hole and press for 15 seconds. When the iCamera™ begins to rotate, that indicates that your reset ...
  6. questioniSmartAlarm - Can my iCamera™ be placed in other locations?
    You may unplug the iCamera™ and move it to a different location, typically within 100 feet of the router (accounting for walls and signal strength). There is a 60-second reboot period before it resumes operation after you plug its power source in the new location.
  7. questioniSmartAlarm - Why am I receiving push notifications when the door or window are opened or closed even the iSmartAlarm™ system is not armed?
    Since the contact sensor installed on that door or window are opened or closed, and the Safety Monitor has set to “On” by default. By setting the Safety Monitor to “On”, you will receive a push notification when a contact sensor is opened even the system is not armed. If ...
  8. questioniSmartAlarm - Why doesn’t my iSmartAlarm™ trigger every time I return home?
    Every time you set your iSmartAlarm™ to “Arm,” the system will take effect In 90 seconds. This give you time to leave the house. When you return home, you have 60 seconds to disarm the system. The alarm will trigger only if you do not disarm the system in 60 seconds
  9. questioniSmartAlarm - What do the Arm/Home/Disarm/Panic buttons mean on the control page of iSmartAlarm™ App (same as remote tag)?
    Arm- After you push the Arm button, you will hear beeping sound once to confirm. Then it allows you 90 seconds to walk out of the house before the iSmartAlarm™ system is actually armed, confirmed by another beeping sound from CubeOne. Contact sensors and motion sensors are activated when ...
  10. questioniSmartAlarm - How do I add new sensors after the installation?
    Remove the battery insulation tags from new sensors Launch your iSmartAlarm™ App and go to the Monitor page Select the Safety Monitor tab Pull the Safety Monitor page down to view the “Add Devices” button Press the “Add Devices” button to start the ...