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Simon XT - How do I set up the wireless sensors?

Press the UP arrow 4 times, you should see "system programming'
Then press the "Enter" key which is in the middle of the arrows.
The system will prompt you for the access code , The programming code is 4321
Be sure to use Group 10 for your delay door(s) and Group 13 for windows and doors that do not require any delay as well as Group 17 for any motion detectors, smoke detectors use Group 26.
Group 01 will be for any keychain remotes.

(Step 7 Note....to trip a door/window sensor or smoke detector, remove and replace the cover when prompted.To trip a motion sensor, remove it from its bracket and replace. To trip a keychain remote , press and hold the top 2 buttons when prompted.)

Learning Sensors

To learn a sensor:

1. Press the scroll buttons up 4 times until the panel displays System Programming.

2. Press Enter. The system prompts for an access code.

3. Enter 4321 and press Enter. The panel displays Access Codes.

4. Press the scroll buttons until the panel displays Sensors.

5. Press Enter. The panel displays Learn sensor.

6. Press Enter. The panel displays Trip sensor ##, with the number signs flashing.

7. Press the sensor program button or release the sensor tamper switch. The panel displays Sn ## Grp 10<Front Door>, with the Grp 10 flashing. Use the number or scroll buttons if you want to enter a new group number; press Enter to accept the group number displayed.

8. The sensor text is now flashing. Use the scroll buttons to scroll through the text list or enter the three digit
shortcut. (See Table 36 on page 68 and Table 37 on page 69 for these three-digit codes).

Press Enter to accept the first text segment. You may enter more text or press Enter again to finish adding
the sensor.

9. The panel displays Trip Sensor ## (with the next available sensor number). Press STATUS repeatedly
to exit.

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